Geil and Berner A/S is one of Denmark’s major exporters of Nordmann fir Christmas trees. Since 1989, Geil and Berner A / S have focused on delivering the highest quality Christmas trees that meet our customers’ needs and wishes. Through a large production of trees from both Kim Berner, Clausholm and Lars Geil, Ry. Geil and Berner has a high-quality product to offer its customers.

Geil and Berner produces the variety Abies Nordmanniana, in daily speech Nordmann trees. It is currently the most popular Christmas tree in Europe. This variety allows for early installation in the Livingroom, by keeping the needles longer and is thereby optimal for Christmas decoration.
The Danish Nordmann Christmas trees are very popular due to their characteristics of strong and dark green needles. Thus, a Danish-produced Nordmann tree stands out due to our climate and production techniques. Nordmann trees are generally known for their well-proportioned cone shape, dense foliage, as well as shiny dark green needles.

Quality in the production of Christmas trees is amongst other ensured through manufacturers’ Global Gap and Certified Original Nordmann certifications.

In addition to quality in production, excellence and precision in logistics are key words for Geil and Berner A/S.

Customer satisfaction is our main goal!